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I am NOT a mommy blogger.

Oh hey everybody! New site, you like?!

It's important to me to kick this off by stating, honestly and unabashedly, one fundamental fact. I am NOT, and I cannot f*cking stress this enough, a 'mommy blogger'. I have no argument with those people - I'm just not. You shouldn't expect sponsored products here, referral links, or constant reminders that you need to buy/want more consumer goods. There will be very few posed/beautifully composed photos with professional editing, no outfits of the day, or shopping hauls/Nordstrom Sale reviews/toy round ups. That's not the point of what I'm doing here, and you can find people on the internet significantly better suited to the job. I personally follow more mommy blogs than I care to admit, but I do not aspire to be one - I'll be leaving that particular vocation to the professionals!

Instead, I've started this candid corner of the internet to share what I'm currently learning with other people who also hope to be constant beginners with me. I've been getting a lot of outreach and questions each week from moms and people in my network who want to know more about our family's sleep training method, my approach to toddlerhood and toy rotation, what I'm feeding our kids, where I found the recipe for dessert, where the best place to find holiday pajamas on sale might be, etc. Whether you're a parent, a friend, an educator, a baker, a supporter of women, or any other number of things - maybe there's something you can learn or take away from here. And I hope you'll follow along to find out! Take what you need, and stay as long as you like - as I tell my friends, this door is always open.

I'm part of a remote master's degree program at Yale that I'm labeling 'ongoing learning', since I don't plan to declare an emphasis immediately. You might say that I'm still figuring out exactly who I want to be when I grow up - but isn't that really the point of self improvement when you distill it? I'm pursuing learning and diving deeper into academia (in my free time) in the name of personal betterment, and will share anything great that I uncover here! Bonus? This blog will also serve as my capstone project when I wrap my degree - an ongoing love letter to the pursuit of everyday knowledge, and the achievement of sharing it with others. In a time where containment and limitation feel as though they might swallow us whole, I hope this outlet will remind you that connection has little to do with our circumstances, and everything to do with how we approach the world around us. May we all channel our inner children, and use them to connect and teach each other something. See you soon!

- Cait

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