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Two Years Later

It's been almost 18,000 hours (or roughly two years) since I posted on this little blog project, and there are a myriad of tiny things that have changed! So much new, and progress; growth and development. And many things have stayed the same, too: a lot of life looks very similar, in our cozy corner of western New York, bundled by the fire on our first day of snow this fall.

Since last we spoke (I love that line and don't get to use it nearly enough), we added a small furry member of the family. 'Waffles' the AKC pedigreed Frenchie joined our family this July and is now 6 months old - driving us all crazy with his snoring and endlessly entertaining the kids with his antics and pig-like snorts. Hudson and Eleanor have grown from toddlers into little kids, speaking in full sentences, learning how to read and spell, and amazing us almost every day with the new knowledge they pick up and the most unexpected facts and ideas they throw at us. While we're not changing diapers or sleep training babies anymore, these tiny people (ages 5 & 3) absolutely keep us on our toes. It's a very lively, full, busy, and slightly crazy time of life in the Gorges household right now - and it's a phase I know I'm going to miss when it's passed us by.

I run a sales team at work now, which is a little astounding to me still, even 8 months into the job. This was THE dream job - the one I always wanted and aspired to, and now it's mine. Regional Vice President of Sales. It's not that I didn't earn it through hard labor and focus and energy (I did!), but I also realize that a good amount of it was luck. And the market. And timing. It's so fascinating to set a goal for yourself, and then meet it almost a decade later. The realization of your potential is a curious science, because once you've 'made it', you inevitably find that there are other heights you want to reach (and are capable of attaining). I'm happy and fulfilled (if not time-strapped and a little frazzled) at work, and I'm happy to settle into my role for a bit to grow into it. The empire-building has taken a backseat to developing and supporting the folks who work on my team, and that has been such a nice mental shift. Do I still have personal and professional goals? A five and ten year plan? Quotas to smash? You bet! But I'm happy where my feet are right at this moment, and I'm excited to do the work and learn as I go.

Ned is happy and kicking off an illustrious paddle tennis season at the moment, and we're actively building our family and our happiness together one day at a time. I'm still meandering through grad school, although, I did manage to hone in on an area of specialty and an intended degree this summer! I'm slated to graduate from Yale in Spring 2024 with a Master's in Behavioral Science (Organizational Psychology), and I plan to use guessed work! BOOLA BOOLA! My sales team already knows to watch out for the psych tricks I employ in our day to day interactions, but I really look forward to having a full body of work to reference as I move through this stage in my professional career. Our house is still a forever project that we're working through, one room at a time - every day I add something to the list that I'd like to work on or change or renovate, and it drives Ned a little crazy. Currently, we're installing a perimeter fence around our backyard, and I'm working to renovate the kitchen in its current footprint (full scale renovation still to come in a year or two).

And maybe the last and most meaningful personal update is that this year, for the first time in 31 years of being alive on this planet, I decided to grab onto my health with two hands and refuse to let go. I've rebuilt habits, from living a sedentary lifestyle to working out 5 days each week, to seeing multiple types of health practitioners and taking better care of my skin than ever before. I'm on an extremely rigorous vitamin and supplement protocol, and I'm actively healing and rebuilding my thyroid and endocrine system alongside my endocrinologist and naturopath. I've been focused on getting sleep, trying to rest and minimize stressors, and eating well (even when I'm traveling or celebrating), and choosing mindfulness. And it's made a giant difference in my day to day - but I'm not done yet!

I'm looking forward to checking in here a little more often, and sharing more about what I'm learning at work, at school, and in life. See you soon, and stay warm.

Love, Cait

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